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---- Verden, a small town outside Skeldergate Forest, evening, 547 DBTR ----

"Great. We have a deal then" he smiled and stood up ."In that case I think I will retire now. See you tomorrow then" he said and gave a small bow before moving towards his two guards.

Then, after telling Matthew that he wanted to thank the cook for the wonderful meal himself, he went to the kitchen. The cook and the waiters were clearly surprised to see him in their kitchen, but Nate was pretty used to this kind of reaction. He then payed the cook a little extra to prepare a basket with some food for tomorrow and made him promise not to tell anyone about it.

Having sorted this out he sneaked out from the backentrance and went to the stables. Here he found the stableboy, sleeping in one of the vacant horseboxes. He woke him up and told him about his plans too, also giving him a few gold coins, and made him promise to have two horses ready for tomorrow.

Now that he had made sure everything was prepared for tomorrow he went back inside, through the backentrance to the kitchen so that his guards wouldn't notice, and up to his room at the first floor. When he was back inside his room he started to think about the decision he'd just made. To be honest it was really stupid and would potentially put him in a unnecessary dangerous position, but still somehow he didn't regret it. Actually, it was quite exciting to finally get a chance to do something completely new and without having anyone escorting him.

As he went to bed he kept looking forward to tomorrow, almost thinking so much about what tomorrow would bring that he couldn't sleep.

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