Mixed bag post

(Post to simply catch all my characters up. Catching them up to the morning after all the time lines.)

-Dalen Capital, Horo's Shop, Night 2 & Early Morning 3 DSTR-

Horo waited in his shops. He didn't know where the girl from before was but he didn't plan to go to the gambling house alone. So he decided to have a drink before she arrived. Having a stash of special booze only for him. Drinking a bit at first. As he waited, not knowing she wasn't coming. Being held up on her roof. One drink turned to two and two to three. Eventually it all went fuzzy and it all faded. That was until the birds singing morning started their songs. Waking Horo up to what was going to be a nightmare of a morning. "Ugh." he groaned pulling himself up with the counter grabbing the empty bottle and turning it over. "Well..."


-Forest, Jocelynn's Inn, Day 2 DSTR-

After the long day and the odd men buying a pig Jocelynn and her girls were doing the 'weekend' work. Cleaning the inn for the next week. Making sure it was presentable for the men to come through out. Today was the one day that the Inn only rented rooms and nothing else. The girls didn't work today. Jocelynn was still tired from the odd happenings. Windows smashed, a woman bursting into a room she had warned her about, and now the two making her have to buy a new pig. "Okay everyone Estella, Camilla you two clean the kitchen. Stella and Millie you two are on the halls and Zallia, you and I are cleaning the unoccupied rooms." she said.

-Forest, Unknown, Unknown DSTR-

Despite his protests Silika took a break. Getting water from a small stream and eating a few berries. Still watching the man with two swords closely. Still not sure if she should just run. Back in the old times she was warned that man and elf were a danger to her kind. They didn't like her kind, seeing the half breed race abominations. Not all but most and that was enough.

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