Quiet afternoon

Afternoon, Verden capital, Frida's bakery, 3 DSTR

Frida didn't usually have slow business during afternoon's. At this time people were desperate for some bread to serve at the lunch table or some pies to feed the children and husbands as dessert. Frida glanced at her display, filled with all kinds of baked goods just wasting away, and sighed. She normally didn't have the luxury to sigh or ruminate during business hours but since it looked like no one would come in she gave in to temptation. Frida began to zone out staring at the reflection from the store's window that flickered on the wall. It had been a sunny day in Verden capital and Frida could see how the sun bounced off of some passing guards' armours and momentarily blinded her. Automatically Frida straightened her back when one of the guards glanced at her bakery's window. Though Frida suspected he was only looking at the cake on her window. It was her lastest masterpiece and many people had already ordered it. It reminded Frida that she'd have to work late into the night today. That made her sigh yet again and she slumped back down.
Frida's right leather bracelet slipped off a bit because of the movement and she could see a glimpse of the scar that decorated her wrist. Frida quickly straightened the bracelet but it was too late. The flashbacks were already rolling through her mind when the moment she had gotten those scars bounced back to her like the sunlight from a guard's armor.
It was night. She had been too slow peeling the potatoes and the other slaves had reported that to their master. Master had ordered Frida to be tied down and put to the yard where the guard dogs were kept. The dogs were tied to long ropes that connected to small poles stuck to the ground. The poles looked like they could come off any moment. Frida was put just beyond the dogs' reach and she could still remember their gleaming, sharp teeth, crazed eyes and breath that smelled like rotting meat. Frida's screaming and wriggling only made their barking worse but she had only realized to stop when her wrists and ankles had been chafed badly. The smell of her blood, vomit and urine kept the dogs barking until sunrise. Frida still remembered the words her master had uttered when he came to fetch her.
"The dogs weren't able to get loose? Such a shame. They haven't been fed in days and I was looking forward to their handywork."

Frida didn't even notice how badly she was shaking before she almost fell of the chair she was sitting on. She took several deep breaths and ultimately forced herself to calm down when a customer walked in with a chipper greeting. Frida stood up and flashed a friendly smile.
"Mrs. Tyveon, hello! What a nice afternoon we're having. Your usual? Coming right away!"

(OCC - This is basically an introduction post but if anyone wants to play I'm up for anything. I really want to mix Frida up into some action. For now I'll keep reading other posts but I'm open for anh suggestions.
I hope I did the beginning thing right, it's a little complicated. But I'm sure I'll get the hang of it :) )

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