Darken Darkward

Dalen, 2:00 pm

Draken was riding a skeletal horse into the streets of Dalen. He was wearing demonic black armour. Shade was walking beside him. He was wearing a full suit of shadowy armour. He had a hood covering his face. The people of Dalen watched him in terror. Then guards stopped him.
" Halt! Why are you doing in Dalen?" Draken smiled, " To meet the queen of course."
One of the guards nodded and went to inform the queen about this person in town. The other guard looked back at Draken. " Do you want me to take your..... steed to a stable?" Draken nodded and got of his horse. The guard took his horse to the nearest stable. Draken and Shade walked but to the castle of the Queen and knocked on the door.


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