Yearn to Learn

--The Bramblewood, Afternoon, 1 DSTR--

Ponce felt as if there was really no other viable option. Ceriden had offered him a chance to be able to actually control his new abillity, and he felt as if he would be a fool to decline such and offer. He wanted-no-he needed this if he had any hopes of coexisting with the rest of the world.

"Si. I belive that it is necessary for me to learn how tp correctly use this power. And, given the situation, I cannot think of a more qualified person than you. Estaria encantado, I would be glad to accept your tutoring."

Whether or not Ponce liked the man did not matter (though he felt more comfortable around him than any other person he could think of), he had to learn, for if he did not do so, he would likely either inflict pain onto himself or coutless others, and he found himself significantly more concerned about the latter than the former.

He looked at the Ceriden, wondering exactly how the wizard would teach him.

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