Rise and shine

---- Verden, just outside the Skeldergate Forest, very early morning, 546 DBTR ----

The next morning, just before sunrise, Nate made his way out of his room and down the stairs as quiet as he could. He almost held his breath as he sneaked past the room, next to his, where his two lifeguards were sleeping. At this early hour it was most likely Matt who was sleeping and that new guard who would be standing watch somewhere inside near the entrance to the inn.

At the foot of the stairs Nate stopped to listen but couldn’t detect any signs off having been noticed by anyone. At least not yet. Slowly he tiptoed his way across a small hallway and into the kitchen. He let out a small sigh of relief. Finally, he could take it at bit more easily. The owner of the inn and the cook were already up and informed him that some food and a couple of blankets had already been loaded onto a couple of horses which were waiting in the stable. He gave them a brief “Thanks” and small smile before leaving the kitchen again through the back entrance.

Once outside he moved quickly across the yard and into the stables. His own horse and a sturdy looking elderly mare, which he guessed had to be the best horse in the innkeeper’s possession at the moment, were had both been prepared just like he had been told. The stableboy, who probably done a lot of the work, were standing a bit awkwardly clearly not sure what he should do, but Nate barely noticed him. Nate tried to be patient, which was not his strongest side, as he waited for Orla to arrive. As he waited he could not help but think of how silly this situation he had created for himself were, if Orla even would show up and that it might had been more fun if he had just sticked to the plan gone hunting instead.

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