One idea and one distraction

---- The Bramblewood, Afternoon, 1 DSTR ----

Though lost in his own thoughts Gareth somehow couldn’t help but listen in on the conversation between Ceriden and Ponce when they started on the topic of magic. All his pervious experiences of magic had only caused fear and suffering so he wasn’t exactly thrilled by the thought of now having to travel with yet another one of them. But he didn’t have much of a choice. Ceriden was the first person he’d ever met that treated him like an ordinary person, with a few exceptions of course… Without Ceriden he probably wouldn’t last more than a day or so.

Trying not to let the gloomy thoughts takeover, Gareth forced his mind to focus on the familiar feeling he had here in this forest. Suddenly a thought struck him: Maybe he was feeling this way because he really had been here before?! What if this were close to where he was born?! If it was, maybe his family were still around! It was an insane idea, but now it was stuck on his mind. He needed to find a way to figure out if his mind were simply playing tricks on him, or if he were right. But how? There were no one to ask… Unless… He quickly looked towards Ceriden and the map he was carrying in his pocket. By using the map he should be able to see if anyone were living around here and if they weren’t too far away, maybe he could go there tonight and hopefully get some answers.

Too eager to give it much more thought he walked up next to Ceriden. “Uhm… Sorry. I hope I’m not disturbing your conversation” he asked, apologising in advance “I just wanted to ask if I could look at the map”. He was about to give an explanation as to why he needed the map, but then suddenly paused. A very faint but alluring scent of blood from the cut Ponce had on his chest. The direction of the wind and his position to Ponce had kept the scent away from him, but now that he was next to Ceriden, the scent was drifting directly towards him. Gareth couldn’t stop himself from looking at Ponce, his mouth almost already watering at the thought of food.

(OOC – I’m sorry if this doesn’t fit into any of your plans, this was just an idea to get a little action into it. It doesn’t have to be much drama. I’m open to your ideas, as long as Gareth isn’t killed and at some point, gets to see the map. If any of you had something else in mind, feel free to ignore the post ;) )

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