Time Will Tell

--Radogast Sheriff's Office, Midnight, 2 DSTR--

Sheriff Raine Lithermoore laid absolutely wasted, face-down on his office desk. The gassy window near the door that always seemed to let sunlight shine in, was now dark.

Loud footsteps sounded, getting louder still. Even in his current state, Lithermoore was a light sleeper.

A knock came on the door, Lithermoore's had been open seconds before, but now he was most definitely awake. He wiped away the embrassing amount of drool from his face, and placed the empty canteen in his hand under the desk, before clearing his throat and standing. He walked over to the door, opening it and seeing nothing. This was an illusion however, as his eyes quickly snapped down, and before him, exhausted to the point where he could no longer stand, was young Bismuth Gold.

"Bloody hell, did you run here boy?"

Busy looked up at the Sheriff.

"I run...*pant*...everywhere... *pant* ...Sir."

"Okay, a more appropriate question. Why did you run all of the way over here in the middle of the sodding night?"

Busy shook his head, before finding the strength to stand.

"I dont like running in the dark either. But I have this..."

Busy reached into his pack, before presenting a letter with the Sheriff's name on it. He took the letter, giving Busy a look, before opening it about as roughly as possible, and reading it.


Busy's brows furred with puzzlement.


Lithermoore looked down at the courier.

"Since you seem so energetic, why don't you do one thing for me, eh?"

--Radogast South-West Outskirts, Oruvand's Cabin, Midnight Still, 2 DSTR--

There was something about the woods that Bismuth loved. Due to his beastial nature, there was no wonder he felt attuned to the place. But in all of his 19 years, Bismuth had never seen a bigger fan of the woods than Oruvand.

As Oru approached the cabin, he realized just how much Oru loved this place. To walk through a forest a few times is okay. To memerize every rock and twig in a mile radius is a bit odd. To climb through it's trees, knowing the fastest way from one place to the other is rather strange. To sleep, alone, in the woods, is just down-right crazy. But to build your one and only home here, with not a living human soul within five miles? That's commitment. And commitment seemed to be something the hunter was fond of.

The cabin was large, but modestly so. There seemed enough space for a mainroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, one hell of a bathroom, and perhaps an attic. A small river ran in front of the cabin, small enough to be leaped over, and it stretched out into the forested horizon. There was even a snall bridge built in order to cross the river. It looked like it was hardly used.

Bismuth, upon crossing the river and walking up onto the porch, rapped his fist on the front door, and it almost instantly flung open.

"What do you w-oh, it's you."

There the half-elf stood, he had on leather trousers, and that was it. The rest of him was exposed, including, of course, the annoyed look on his face.

"That's quite revealing..."

Oruvand let out a sigh...

"You are aware that it's currently midnight, right?"

Bismuth pointed his finger.

"But you're still awake."

Oru returned his comment with a frown.


Bismuth smiled, proud to have outwitted the man, if even in the slightest. He almost forgot why he had come.

"Oh, I got you this."

Busy removed the letter, previously maimed by Lithermoore, and handed it to him. He then looked up at the elf, watching his eyes go from right to left, scanning the letter.

"Ah, her. Not many can stand my absence for long."

He placed the letter on the table next to him.

"If I may ask," Busy started, "what was it about?"

"A friend of mine. I've managed to stay on my behind for two days now, but it looks like tomorrow, I'll have something to look foward to."

He looked down at Bismuth.

"I appreciate your dedication to your job, Busy. Had this gotten to me any later, I may have been late as well. Now go home and rest, you've been up for a while, haven't you?"

Busy beamed.

"Ppppfft, for me, this is kind of an all night sort of thing. Way I see it, it's all I do, why not do it right?"

Oruvand shook his head, smiling.

"Suite yourself. Goodnight then."

Busy turned, already beginning to jog.

"And to you the same!"

Oruvand closed his door, stretching as he walked to his bedroom.

"Kalena, didn't think I'd hear from her so soon. Wonder what exactly she needs me for, anyway..."

As he closed his bedroom door, he decided to go immediately to sleep, for only time would tell.

(Waiting for Nim's post in Ponce, Gareth, Ceriden Arc)

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