Planning and more Problems

"We need to move quickly," Kalena said. "I thought of holding the meeting here, but if Count Soldor allies with us, perhaps his own home would be best? Chiren has far greater influence than I, and it will set a signal that we are to be taken seriously, and surely help attract more support our way from the various nobles, especially those in key positions of power throughout the kingdom we will need to have on our side."

Kline stood, he wore the leather jerkin open, the double-breasted jacket hung open the buckles undone, it seemed to squeak and sigh when he moved. His black hair was down and hung about him framing his face as he looked out at the gardens. There was a lot he wanted to say, he was distressed and upset, and he was not good at hiding these emotions.

“If you feel we need to, then I agree. I can just say I did not like him.” He said of the Count. “He and I have a history. You saw how quickly he vanished when his services were needed. It would not shock me if he worked with those people.” The words were hard, and he knew in other company they might mean a death sentence. “I will trust your advice on this.”

A cough at the door had him turn around to look and see the priest from the other night. “Baron, there is the matter of your man’s body.” The priest stood, draped in his vestments thick, his bald head covered with a teardrop shaped hat. The robes marked him as a high priest of the Light, a general religion that followed all the gods of good. Kline never made a point of following a faith.

“His name was Van.”

The priest nodded. “Yes, of course, sorry, but you must do something with his body. It cannot stay at the temple as the soul was defiled and he cannot be put to rest with those who have moved on. His body should be burned, if you wish a suggestion and his ashes spread out so they cannot be used for evil magic.” The priest gave the suggestions as if they were common understanding, as if the two perhaps did not understand the gravity and importance of his advice.

Kline felt his temperature rising. “I will see to his body, you will not be burning it.” He growled the words. His knuckles were white on his sword, he knew killing the man would not solve anything.

“I would suggest disposal before the next sunset.” The clergyman added. “In case of another soul taking possession of it.”

Kline waved him off with one hand and his other had gripped his sword.

Once the priest was gone Kline pinched the bridge of his nose. “You would not mind if I kept him here, for a time? Until I can take him back to his family?” he asked Kalena with his eyes shut.

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