Death of a Drunkard

-Ragodast. Late Afternoon, 2 DSTR-

The crowd that stood before Adisla exuded a large diversity of emotions, grandest of which was a feeling of general annoyance. There were the standard annoyed emotions of the working class, those who were called away from their work to view this execution, all the while knowing their employer would be less than likely to reimburse their time. There was the annoyance of the rich and privileged, who felt that their earlier preoccupations were well above the status of an execution. And then there were the guards, whose annoyance rang out louder than any other. They were frustrated with the Sheriff, who, despite many warnings, had failed to turn away from the bottle. He had drunk himself into many a stupor, and now he had drunk himself to his death. Their annoyance carried up the chain of command, to their commander herself, for she could not turn a blind eye to the man's faults. Then, it spread out, annoyed sith the assembled crowd for their constant jostling as the more eager viewers forged their way to the front, desperste to see the execution.

Stsnding above them all on the raised platform that would be used for the execution, Adisla looked over the crowd with a trained eye. Looking for any ruffians or dissidents who might try to change the fate of the bastard, Adisla noted several members of local gangs that were standing together in the rear of the crowd. Casting a quick exploitative spell to try and locate any foul play within thirty meters of the stage. Finding no evidence of a weapon or spell that would do her harm. She looked over her shoulder towards the rear of the stage. As if on cue, for it was a cue to look over her shoulder, three guards walked a shackled and handcuffed Raine Lithermoore up and onto the platform. Sensing a viewer behind her raising a tomato to be thrown, Adisla turned back and raised her hand before speaking, "Hold back, citizen. This man is your Sheriff and will be treated with respect. Now, form a line."

Watching for a second as the citizens formed a single file line with the guards assisting in moving people who lacked sufficient speed or motivation, Adisla turned to look at Raine, his badge pinned to the rough tunic he wore. He smelled of liquor and piss, but it was stronger than the scent of waste that usually permeated from the man. Stepping forward, she pulled his head up by his jaw and gazed into his eyes. Seeing them bloodshot and glazed over as if she were looking into a mirror, she tightened her grip on his jaw ans spoke in a menacing hiss, "You are dying because of these habits, yet you continue to exhibit them on your final day? You disgust me." Gripping the badge in her right hand, she yanked it from his chest before spitting on his face. Narrowing her eyes as he recoiled away from her spit, she stepped on the chain between his ankles and shoved him backwards. Watching him fall backwards as he tried to catch himself with his bound hands, Adisla sneered down at him as his head collided with the wood with a satisfying thud.

Looking to the crowd, she held the badge up and called out, "But, he is no longer your Sheriff. He is only the man whose alcoholism has caused him to neglect his duties. Many farms have burned and shops have been broken to under his watch. You looked to him for security and a sense of steadiness in this chaotic world, but all you received was the glassy stare of a man whose only allegiance is to his bottle." As she spoke, guards walked along the line with crates full of stones that sized from a large egg to a small apple. Gesturing towards the guards, she called out, "Take up a stone, each and every one of you. Take up a stone and cast it towards the man who wronged you." Looking over her shoulder at the guards who had pulled Raine to his feet, Adisla motioned them forward. Looking back to the crowd, most of which had followed her command and selected a stone, she nodded slowly before watching the guards tie Raine between two posts, his arms and legs spreading him to the shape of an X.

The crowd shuffled forward one at a time, the people at the from throwing their stones toward Raine. Some were small tosses that failed to do much more than glance off of his thighs or shins. Stepping behind Rains as a particularly large stone smacked into his lower left ribs, Adisla grinned at the soinds of the groans coming from the man. Taking her knife, she sliced his tunic down his back, drawing a nice river of blood down the shallow incision while also releasing his tunic to fall forward. Moving back from behind him and standing to ths side, she watched as the stones began to take their roll on fhe man. Several of his ribs protruded from his sides and the front of his chest and bruises were beginning to form on the fleshy bits.

Suddenly a man surged up and onto the stage. Adisla pointed her pollaxe at the man, prepared to ward off any retaliatory atrack until she saw his face and recognized him. Bertholt, the owner of a large farm that had been burnt to the ground and ransacked, his children inside the burning building while his wife was being raped. Smirking as he went to the old Sheriff, she watched the ston collide with the man's head three times before stepping in. Placing the butt of her weapon against the homeless farmer's chest, she oushed him back gently before speaking, "You were not the only one to be wronged, step back and give the others their rights." Thankful when the man gave in and stepped back, she looked to the Sheriff and saw him taking in ragged breaths. His time was coming to an end, and with it an era of careless lawlessness. Smirking as she saw blood beginning to flow from the man's, Adisla raised her left hand with three fingers extended, a silent order to her guarss to allow the particpants to come up three wide rather than single file.

-Ragodast, Morning, 3 DSTR-

Adisla stood before the oak vanity within her bedroom, looking into the mirror as she situated her armor. Reaching for a particularly hard to reach clasp, a smile broke across her face as she felt a warm pair of hands touch hers before moving to the clasp and fastening it easily. Turning around as she felt the pessure raise from the clasp, Adisla saw Kimono glance ocer her shoulder as she strode back towards the bed. Reaching a hand out and grabbing Kimiko's wrist gently, Adisla pulled her around in a small spin before pulling her to her. Resting her left hand on Kimiko's cheek, she smiled and placed a kiss against her lips when she saw Kimiko's eyes close as she rested her face into Adisla's palm.

Pulling back from the kiss, Adisla rubbed her thumb over Kimiko's cheekbone before speaking softly, "How am I going to survive on this excursion without someone to clasp my armor? But more importantly, how will I survive without coming home to you every night?"

Kimiko chuckled softly before raising her own hand to the taller woman's cheek, a smile spreading across her lips as she spoke, "You will survive because you are a strong leader of men. You know I will be here when the mission is over and you know i would be ashamed if you allowed your mind to drift due to thoughts of me. Do not allow your focus to sway, hold to your purpose and come back to me alive and well."

Grinning as she turned her head to kiss Kimiko's palm, Adisla kept her eyes locked with her lover's before as she spoke against her hand, "I will be back soon, and with more power than before. Keep the bed warm, for I know not when I will return and so neither will you." Pulling back with a smile, Adisla deaperately wanted to steal another kiss, but refrained from doing so, instead keeping their tradition of saving the kiss for her return. Gathering her bag and pollax, she stepped back and brought her hands together. As they closed withing inches of each other, electricity shot between them before she disappeared from sight.

-Dalen Capital, just outside of the Valade Estate. Morning, 3 DSTR-

Adisla stepped out from behind a thick oak tree, her eyes darting around her as she oriented herself with her new surroundings. Walking to the front gate of the Estate, she slammed her fist against the thick wood and iron door several times before waiting to be greeted.

-Tag anyone at the Valade Estate. Sorry if it is scrappy and short.-

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