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Coconut Dropper

-Dalen, The Marketplace, Early Morning, 3 DSTR-

A flash of black fur leapt across the rooftops. Following it was a hawk, hungry for a meaty prize. The squirrel turned and dodged as the bird tried Grabbing his tail. In the knick of time the squirrel climbed down the wall and into the streets. He grasped against the brick and wood as he swiftly made it to ground level.

He looked around and noticed how close he was to the marketplace. He lurked down the alleyway and hid next to a stand. When the owner wasn't looking he reached his tiny paw over, and grabbed something solid and hard as stone.
"Mudnit loves coconut" He whispered to himself.

He pulled it down and ran back into the alleyway. He scaled the wall, holding the coconut in one hand and looked around for the tallest ledge. He saw a rooftop taller than the others and dragged the coconut over. He looked to the sides for any hawks before nudging the coconut over the edge.
"Owww, what the hell was that?"
The sound came from below. Mudnit peered over and saw a bald man clutching the top of his head, blood streamed out of a large gash.
"Oops." Thought Mudnit.
Mudnit climbed down, and clutched half of the broken coconut. He climbed back up and dashed across the roofs. After a minute of running, he had arrived at a tree in the kingdoms royal garden. He climbed into a knot hole, and placed the coconut beside him. He chewed on the coconut meat and rested. He was awoken by two of the city guards talking about the so called Coconut Dropper.
"I can't belive another person was hit with a coconut. What is that, one dead, four injured?" Asked the first guard.
"Five injured." Replied the second guard.
"I can't help but laugh, the method of attack is dropping coconuts. Wouldn't it be funny if this Coconut Dropper was just some squirrel trying to get a meal?" Laughed the first guard.
"Yeah, it would be. However, I heard that half of the broken coconut ended up missing. Maybe he was hungry." Chucked the second guard.
"All that matters is that we find him."

Mudnit snickered at the dim witted guard, at least they caught on, because it was a squirrel doing the work. However, it was no ordinary squirrel, this squirrel was different. He was twice as large, vocal and had blue eyes and patterns on his fur. This was not normal squirrel, this was a cursed squirrel, this was the...
Coconut Dropper.

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