On the Rocks

--Ragodast. Late Afternoon, 2 DSTR--

"What's going on?" He asked, head craned towards the source of all the commotion.

"Execution." The words seemed to have crawled out of the old mans mouth.

"Who is it?"

The old man looked down at him.

"Why don't you go find out?"

Bismuth Gold walked toward the large crowd that had gathered, obscuring anything of detail from sight. The air was filled with with a tone of general disdain, the people shouted things like," Get on with it!" or," We don't have all day."

They really didn't like this person.

Buay entered the crowd, pushing through in attempts to get to the front. As he does, the speaker begins to talk. He instantly recognises her voice.

"But, he is no longer your Sheriff. He is only the man whose alcoholism has caused him to neglect his duties. Many farms have burned and shops have been broken to under his watch. You looked to him for security and a sense of steadiness in this chaotic world, but all you received was the glassy stare of a man whose only allegiance is to his bottle."

Busy's blood ran cold as he listened, unable to keep moving at even a remotely noticeable pace whilst doing so. Who was she talking about. Busy immediately began to push with disrespectful force, almost fighting his way forward. Just as the man was hoisted onto the stage, he had made it, and if his blood ran cold before, it was frozen now.

It was Lithermoore, unmistakably. He was drunk last night, but Busy wasn't sure if he knew a word to describe him today. So, he had drank himself to death, had he. Busy understood, but had he really deserved death for this? He could have sworn people who did things like this were imprisoned or exiled. Then again, he didn't watch executions on the regular.

He looked up at Adisla, whom was too enravled in her speech to notice him. Guards, men who had served him before, carried crates filled with stones. They were going to stone him to death. Busy was sure that this wasn't the "on the rocks" the man pefered.

As the stones were dispersed among the crowd, Busy turned noticing a hooded man standing next to him, smiling.

"How could you smile at something like this?" Busy asked, a twinge of anger forming within him.

The man looked down at him.

"Oh, no no no, it's not that, it's just...it's funny how easily this could have been avoided, y'know? Poor guy just couldn't put the bottle down.


As he turned away from me, I sneered at the little punk. All of the moping and whining pissed me off. But, I didn't come for him. The current Sheriff was about to be executed, and personally, I wanted to see it for myself. Such a thing could prove to be lucrative in my line of work.

The execution soon started to pick up, there was blood, oh so much blood. Didn't take long for the mailboy to chicken out and run home crying or whatever. Me? I didn't shed a damn tear, less of those human bastards the better. If they want to kill each other, it's fine with me.

He assures me that some could be used instead of killed[/ithe]. Like that Asilda chick. I look up at her.

"You sure she's human?"

Close enough, I guess.

The execution's over, time for everyone to go home. I tailed the woman back to her place, keeping my distance, of course. Mabye tomorrow she'll go somewhere worth my time.


--Dalen Capital, just outside of the Valade Estate. Morning, 3 DSTR--

Oruvand laid sprawled across the thick branch of a conveniently placed oak tree, half eaten apple in his right hand, and crossbow clutched in the arm of his right. A gentle breeze caused his pouch to sway, which hung from the very branch he was on. He had restocked his supply of stamina potions, and in the pouch the vials jingled softly. He looked at the large building before him, taking in every detail his eyes would allow him to notice. This was definitely it. Valade Estate. Well, the girl knew how to live.

He looked down, noticing who he belived to be Commander Styliane, pounding on the metal door, almost as if it wasn't even metal. His jaw tightened as he looked down at her, afraid her gaze might snap up to meet his. What was she doing here? Perhaps she was acquainted with Kalena. After all, she didn't seem like a [i]horrible ally. Personally, though, she wouldn't be one Oru would feel comfortable having.

Not that he minded much. He just perfered not to be anywhere near her at all times. But it wasn't as if she had done anything to him personally, like called for the death of his lifelong friend who had practically raised him. Actually, as long as she kept away from doing things like that, Oru felt as if her presence would be more than tolerable.

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