The Man in the Tree

-Dalen Capital, just outside of the Valade Estate. Morning, 3 DSTR-

The blazing sun still stood mightily high in the blue, cloudless sky, and Mudnit had finally woken from his short-lived nap. He curiously peered out of the knot hole hoping for an new adventure for the afternoon. He watched as a pair of Blue Jays flew from tree to tree and the crows watched from the tops of the trees. Groups of robins were on the ground hungrily picking up delicious seeds and squirmy worms. There was a white rabbit gnawing quickly at the shortly trimmed grass, and a man sitting silently in the ancient oak tree.

“Wait, a man in a tree?” Thought Mudnit.

Curiosity was his handicap, and Mudnit was quite interested in what was going on in that old oak tree. With a sense of adventure, he quickly leapt out of his home, and stood silently at the base of the bulky plant. There was one thing Mudnit knew about this area, there are dogs, but Mudnit knew he was prepared. His thick tree was the only one in at least a twenty meter radius, so a swift dash to the closest tree is required. As if on cue, a pair of fierce dogs hungrily stared down the squirrel. Their wolfish grins unsettled Mudnits joy, and their dark fur was nightmarish to him.

His spirit was regained when the white rabbit reappeared into view, and eagerly, the brown dog was distracted by a possibly easier feast. The black dog stayed put as its eager comrade wandered towards the rabbit.

Mudnit had a realization. There was only one choice, run!

Mudnit leapt forth as the black dog darted from his original position. Mudnit twisted and turned, trying to cause the dog to tumble over its own feet. Unfortunately, the plan backfired, since the dog had been able to get closer. The hound was only two meters behind him, and slowly closing the distance.
The fleeing squirrel almost tripped as the rabbit cut him off, and darted into a bush. Realizing where the other dog was, he ran forwards, feet pounding against the hard, grassy ground. The black dog was mere inches of clamping his tail, it’s foul breath and dagger like teeth were grasping the air right behind him. Then the black dog was gone from his pursuit.

Mudnit quickly turned his head to watch as the two dogs collided, and painfully sent each other sprawling across the grass. With the two dogs out of the chase, Mudnit was able to climb the closest tree, and make it to safety. A few calls from people trying to locate their hounds echoed through the air, and the dogs quickly jumped to their feet and ran towards the source of the calling.
Knowing he had won, Mudnit took a relaxing break on a low hanging branch. He stayed for just a moment before he heard the cawing of an hungry hawk. Mudnit leapt into the branches and ran in the direction that the tree man was originally sitting. The branches grew thicker as the white and brown hawk flapped its wings right behind him. The hawk realized something large was ahead, and it swiftly stopped by clasping it’s talons onto the closest branch.

“Ha, branches to thick for you, stupid bird!” Laughed Mudnit.

Ironically, the squirrel ran into something sitting on the branches, maybe a nest. When he looked around, he realized it was a someone, a man, who he almost knocked out of the tree. The man turned to him and pointed the crossbow to the squirrels face.

"I haven't seen a squirrel that large in my life." Muttered Oruvand, noticing the size of the animal.

Mudnit pushed the crossbow away from his face, and looked the man in the eyes.
"Well, now you have." Stated Mudnit.

Taken by surprise, the man reeled back against the tree, but quickly leaned in.
"You can talk?" Now that he asked, he realized the question was irrelevant.

"Of course I can, I'm talking right now." Laughed Mudnit.

"Wow, I have seen many things, but this, is amazing."

"Yeah whatever, what are you doing up here anyways?" Asked Mudnit

"Well I'm Oruvand, and why should it concern you?" He declared silently to the squirrel.

"I don't know, maybe you need a friend and for a fair wage, I can be that friend." Answered Mudnit.

"And what sort of payment would a squirrel take? Nuts?" Laughed Oravund.

"Actually, yes." Replied Mudnit.

Oravund shook his head at the response.

"Look, you can stay with me, but just be quiet." He added

"Why, you trying to kill someone?"

"No, why would you think that?"

"Well, because your hiding in a tree, with a loaded crossbow."

"You have me there, but no, I am here to meet with Kalena Valade."

"So you going to get dirty with the rich, you know she won't pay you." Laughed Mudnit

"Shhh, that's enough" Hushed Oravund. "Just stick with me, and be quiet."

Mudnit happily nodded, and sat next to Oravund, watching the guards walk their routes.

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