Ready for adventure

---- Verden, a small town outside Skeldergate Forest, evening, 547 DBTR ----

When Orla entered the stable, eventhough he hadn't been waiting for long, Nate looked at her with a welcoming smile, secretly relived that she really did come. "Good morning miss. I've slept wonderfully, thank you." he said while adding a small bow as he greeted her, as any gentleman was expected to do when greeting a lady of any kind.

Nate then patted his horse shortly before mounting it with ease. The horse was eager to get going, despite the hard ride yesterday, but we'll trained as it was Nate only needed to pull the reins back gently once to hold it back.

He looked at Orla with a smile, not completely unaffected by that charming spark in her eyes "I bet the sunrise is beautiful out here so far from town. Just lead the way whenever your ready and I will follow.".

(OOC - Sorry this is a bit short.
I'll look forward to find out what you and Nim have come up with ;) )

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