No Quarter

--Skeldergate Forest, along the mutual border. Early A.M., 3 DSTR--

"Uh... Hey. Having troubles sleeping too, huh?"

Ponce looked up, barley making out Gareth's pale figure by way of the moonlight. He simply nodded, not in a dismissive way, but in a genuine attempt to be freindly without sturring anything up. He still wasn't sure exactly how to act around Gareth, though he was happy to see that the vampire's sour attitude towards him was fading.

He made to speak, but his blood ran cold when Gareth suddenly snapped up in high alert. He needed not ask, these were dangerous woods, and it's inhabitants were responsible.

Ponce stood, and reached for his sword, left hand gripping the handle and pulling it from the sheath with a sastifying sound of metal-on-metal, before looking towards Gareth.

"What do you sense?"

"I think there's something or someone coming this way..." He said, staring into the forest. Ponce couldn't see more than ten feet in front of him, but somehow he felt that darkness wasn't necessarily an issue for Gareth.

The vampire turned, running off to Ceriden's tent.

Once again, guard duty. He fwlt he would have to get used to this. The viscous elements of the wild would give them no quarter; they had no time to rest.

It wasn't long before he saw it, a large furry beast ripping into Ceriden's tent. Perhaps seeing Gareth tear his former comrades apart dulled his fear a bit, but he would be lying if he said he wasn't afraid. But he wasn't going to back down either.

Seeing his target, ge made to attack, but alas, Gareth and Ceriden soon arrived, having escaped their niegh garrenteed demise. The beast turned, and Gareth squared himself up, ready to slash at a moments notice.

His face shriveled into a tense grimmace as he notices more of these things edging towards them. He also noticed backpacks, which nearly threw him off guard. Where they sentient? What would beasts like these need backpacks for?

It was irrational, but he went with his gut, and spoke.

"What do you want?!"

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