Silika turned slowly. The woman seeing her face was very much like an elf, though her nose have very little bridge to it. Mostly just a slope, ears pointed but much shorter. Her mouth sported 4 canine teeth four on top four on bottom. A squash seed stuck to her cheek, she reached out her strangely shaped hand, three fat fingers and a thumb on each finger had black claw line nails. Her legs digitigrade covered in the same thick white fur as her tail and most of her body. Snatching the and biting into it with a hard crunch, eating it greens and all. Silika gave the woman a smile, she hadn't stolen much. Just a large squash, two carrots, the turnip, and something she didn't know what to call it but it was spicy and she didn't like it.

She was shocked, though she mostly avoided people since like the hunters wanted her for some prize. Lots of the humans were nice to, that swordman wanted to be nice but was stubborn, but this one seemed like she wanted to be nice, and that she wasn't afraid of her.

(Its fine you didn't ramble gave me a good idea of what your character is all about)

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