Defending the group

---- Skeldergate Forest, Very Near Mutual Border. Early Morning, 3 DSTR ----

Gareth had only just returned to Ponce when the first beastly figure came into sight. It looked like a bear, but was far bigger than any of the bears he'd ever seen. Choked by the sight in front front of him, Gareth didn't manage to stop the attacker in time. With a swing of it's paw the beast effortlessly slashed through Ceridens tent, tearing it apart. Luckily, Ceriden just managed to escape, but now there was no time to waste.

A long, low pitch whistle suddenly sounded and from the shrubs three more of the monstrous bears appeared. It was a terrifying sight, but this time Gareth didn't hesitate. He needed to buy Ceriden and Ponce sometime to either escape or prepare some kind of counterattack.

Everything went so fast and there was no time to think things through. Moving as fast as he could, Gareth ran towards the bear closest to them. Just as he'd done with one of the soldiers yesterday he didn't attack from the front, but turned at the last moment to attack it from behind. He jumped on the bears back, wrapping both his arms around its thick neck and squeezed as hard as he could, hoping to either crush it's neck or windpipe, or at least be able to choke it. Of course he could have tried to bite it but because of all the fur it proably wouldn't do the bear much harm. In addition to that, the taste and scent of the blood would most likely be too much of an distraction for him, which was also why he hadn't even been considering the option of simply pulling the bears heart out.

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