An offer

(OOC - It's allright ;) And the city's name is Radogast, though I will admit it's hard to remember when there's never really been made a good map with atleast the most important city's names ^^'

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---- Radogast, Entering the town. Midday, 3 DSTR ----

Artem unwillingly widend his eyes when he learned about this information "So she's right here in Radogast?". Almost before having finished his sentence he reminded himself of how stupid it would be to show your enthusiasm in these kind of situations.

He quickly regained his composure before he continued in a much more nonchalant way "Well, if you really know that much, assuming that what you say is true, then I guess you could be of use in someway. Just don't expect me to pay you more than 5 % in the end.". 5 % of the 'bounty' on Sabina might not sound as much, but Artem knew it would be a lot more than what most of the regular workers could make in just a month and the less he could pay this goblin for his seemingly vast amount of knowledge the more money he himself would end up with when the job was done.

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