"That stand you have there" he said in a casual tone and nodded towards the now folded stand upon Bungos shoulders "Is that one of your own inventions?"

"Yes it is an invention of mine, made it when I visited the Balsa woodlands many years ago. I learned that the wood worked great to make light weighted structures. Took me a week to make this thing, easily fold-able, and thus portable. I know what you think, this thing could make money, or its a valuable invention in the trading times like these. But I have already done that, had a wood-working store in the northwest, and over time wanted to once again travel. Surprised i haven't seen many of them this far south. That's just a little tidbit of my life since i have done many things and seen many places. Do you have any stories like such?" Replied Bungo, as he led Artem to where Sabina was being held.

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