Lies, memories and thoughts

"Whoa whoa, easy now. You make it sound as though you think I would steal it from you." He said with a smile and laughed a little, though that was something he had been considering. "I'm just impressed by how ingenious it is. That's all." he smiled "And regarding you question as to if I have any stories like that then unfortunately I have to say no."

Then Artem recalled one episode, though it happend a long time ago, and as he thought of it he couldn't help but say it out loud "Well actually, there was this time when me and my best friend Matteo stole a couple of crates filled with exotic fruits from some obnoxious rich trader while he was 'visiting' my mother. We both made quite a profit on it. Of course the man was furious, but he never figured out who stole his goods.". He laughed a little at the memory.


Sabina had started to loose track of the time she had spend in the cellar. The only view of what was happening in the world outside was the few sounds and silhouettes that were passing by the small window placed right under the sealing of cell in which she what kept.

Though all this time had passed she didn't regret leaving her home in the first place. No matter how bleak it all seemed at the moment she still had a small spark of hope the she might still be able to revive her beloved boyfriend somehow. That was the only thing that kept her going at the moment.

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