Gone but never forgotten

"No, I don't..." He said and paused for a moment. "...He's dead..." it was hard to say this out loud, but Artem tried to to hide his sorrow. While looking away he continued "The winters in the capital can be quite hard. Not all kids who live on the streets make it through... One day he just didn't wake up...". The memory of that day still haunted him. Why had Matteo died while he lived? Matteo who had always been the best at everything; he could talk his way out of every situation, always had an idea and was even able to both read and write. Why did he have to die and I lived? Artem thought to himself, just as he had done so many times before.

He pulled off a wage smile as he tried not to kill the good mood as he carrid on "But you know. It all happend a long time ago. I was only a kid back then. Death is an inevitable part of life as you know, right?".

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