A guest

---- Verden, Near the Skeldergate, Afternoon, 9 DSTR ----

It had been a long and busy day, as usual, but Lorcan still wasn’t quite done yet. He let out a small sigh as he stirred a little more in the large pot that were hanging over the fire. “I really need to find a new assistant then I wouldn’t have to spend all this time cooking and preparing food…” he quietly muttered to himself.

Just then he heard what sounded like a knock on the door. At first, he almost didn’t believe his own ears, because who could it be at this time and in this weather? As he wondered about this he went to the door and opened.

On the other side of the door a young woman was standing, completely drenched by the rain, holding on to the reins of what appeared to be a donkey. She seemed nervous and spoke quickly when she opened her mouth "We're traveling and we have nowhere to stay right now. If you could be so kind as to allow us to rest in your barn, you won't have to bother with us at all and we'll be out by morning. I can pay whatever fee but I don't have much coin. That's all I ask.".

A traveller who had been surprised by the rapid change of weather and had become caught by it unprepared. That made sense, though people rarely travelled through this part of the country and those who did so never travelled alone. Nevertheless, now she was here, and he couldn’t just leave her standing in the pouring rain.

"Take it to the barn and come right back. Then we'll talk." He simply said and nodded towards the barn. As soon as she had turned around and started walking towards the barn, Lorcan slipped back inside. He quickly glanced around the room. The table was almost fully covered by books, papers and a few dirty plates, all the shelves were bursting with even more books, a few jars with all kinds of ingredients and all of it was covered by a layer of dust. It was a complete and utter mess. He needed to work fast if he were to make it look just a little presentable. Without anymore hesitation he started to clear the dining table and two chairs, so they would at least have some place to sit. He only just managed to do this when he heard the door open and the sound of wet boots on the floor.

“Welcome to my home. Sorry about the mess, but I wasn’t expecting visitors” he said with friendly smile, hoping a little small-talk would help calm her nerves. “You’ve come just in time for dinner in case you’re hungry” then he moved one of the chairs closer to the fireplace “You must be freezing. Just take a seat and then I’ll bring you something warm to eat.”.

Without waiting for her response, he opened a cupboard and pulled out an extra bowl and spoon. He paused for a moment before grabbing his own bowl, which were already placed on a small table in front of him together with two other empty bowls and a plate with a pile of raw stakes on. The others would simply have to wait, though he already knew Tancred were going to complain about it. But right now, he needed to prioritise his guest.

He then went to the big pot and started filling their two bowls with its steaming hot content “I know it’s not the most delicious looking dish, but I’m sure it will make you feel better in no time.”. Having filled the bowls he gave her one of them “It’s primarily just rabbit and cabbage. Two of the few things I’m successful at keeping at the moment.”. He really was terrible as a farmer despite all the years he had been living like this.

Taking a seat by the table he watched the woman for a moment in silence. She had the most unusual, but beautiful blue hair and delicate facial features. As his mind started drifting off, trying to guess things like who this woman could be and where she came from, he completely forgot to eat despite how hungry he was.

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