---- Verden, just outside Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, evening, 9 DSTR ----

"Splendid" his smile widened and he made a gesture towards a door at the opposite end of the room "They are in there in my lab or whatever you like to call it. But why don't we just go inside and introduce you to them? I think that will make it easier for you to understand why I am able to call them friends even though I keep them behind bars.". He could easily understand her confusion as he already knew that his way of treating his so called slaves was quite unusual.

Having said this he went for the door, opened it and stepped inside the lab. It was a huge room, much larger than the living room they had just come from. To the left there were rove upon rove of tall shelves, filled with all kind of books and jars filled with everything from dead salamanders to green sticky ointments.

Then to their right were the cells. There were four cells in total placed side by side, but each divided by a stone wall to give the slaves some privacy. The front of the cells was made of thick metal bars, making it possible to observe each of the slaves without having to stick you head inside the cell.
The cells were not as primitive as one might expect, but were all fully equipped with all the basic necessities the slaves could need.

In the first cell there were a young girl, proably around 16, with long chestnut colored hair. She was sitting motionless on her bed, not even turning to look when they entered the room. "This is Aveline. She was brought to me only a week ago by some villagers who were afraid of her because she is a werewolf. So far she haven't said anything yet, but I'm sure she just needs some time to get settled in.". While talking he placed one of the soup bowls outside her cell within her reach so she could take it when she wanted to, but she still did not react to their presence.

Then Lorcan moved on to the next cell "And here we have Yrian.". Yrian was a huge man, strongly build and completely covered in thick dark brown fur. Though he was wearing clothes, but he still in some ways looked more beast than man (a little like the beast in "Beauty and the beast" just older xD). Lorcan held out the bowl which Yrian surprisingly gently grabbed with his big furry hand. He even mumbled something like "Thank you" in a deep growling voice before digging in. Lorcan smiled a little as he watched Yrian before continuing "I know he might look a little scary, but he is actually very gentle as you see. Just don't ever tease him.".

They then passed one empty cell before arriving at the last on. Before they even had the chance see the last slave they could hear him "Finally. What took you so long, old man? I'm starving. And who are you talking to? You didn't tell me you were having guests.". The young man in the cell was tall, pale, very slender yet muscular with completely blond hair and blue eyes. There was something about his movements and looks, indistinguishable, almost cat-like. Lorcan couldn't help but smile a little "Sorry about that" then he turned to Kadri "And last but definitely not least we have Tancred. He has lived here for the last forty years or so.". "Forty two years to be excatly." Tancred corrected. "Really? Oh well... forty two years then, but we have known each other many years befor that. He is a ghoul, the only legal ghoul in Dalen, and my best friend." Lorcan ended.

While Lorcan was still talking, Tancred watched Kadri with great interest, impressed by how ever Lorcan had been able to find a lady like her, let alone bring her back home.

Suddenly Lorcan realised what terrible mistake he had made. "Oh, where are my manners! I haven't even introduced myself. I am Lorcan Milogost, a humble scientist and alchemist." he said and quickly made a deep polite bow to Kadri. Tancred chuckled at his awkwardness, not at all surprised that Lorcan would forget about such a thing.

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