Meet & Greet

- Verden, Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, evening, 9 DSTR -

Kadri's eyes scanned the room with awe; it was large with books and all sorts of other things lining to shelves, reminding her of the library she would always visit back home. Suddenly she was starting to miss it. But the jars of strange substances caught her attention she found her curiosity running wild. Some of them looked similar, like things she'd messed around with when whipping up elixirs and magical medicines to sell.

As they reached the cells she was taken back momentarily. The setup was unexpected but clearly meant that, with all it was equipped with, his ''friends'' would've likely been in them for quite some time, or soon would be. No matter how much of a charming tone he used while introducing them, she still felt uneasy. The girl, Aveline, didn't seem happy and quite possibly distressed. If she was brought to him with the claim of being a werewolf, was there any way he could actually know, or was he just keeping a human hostage? Was he doing that for all of them? Why did he have them? If she asked, she would never get an honest answer despite how honest he already appeared. In Verden, you couldn't trust anyone. As they passed the girl Kadri could only feel pity. To be locked away like that just for who you are... oh how she'd love to carry her to a place like Dalen, a place of self freedom.

Then there was Yrian. Like a man within a beast. Quiet, gentle. A mystery all on his own. The man never gave any reason as to why he was there and so her curiosity soared. How could one imprison such beautiful souls? Each one, adorned in crystals, being refused their right to live and breathe, to shine. How desperate or cruel could one be to do that to magnificent creatures, she thought. And now, she only felt sorrow. Neither of them seemed like criminals or bad people, just in a bad place at a bad time. But further investigation could answer her inquiry. And the empty cell they crossed made her stomach churn. It was just another cage for him to lock someone up in, strip them of their freedom to live for who knows what purpose. Anyone could be a farm hand, humans could, not just people who belonged in Dalen. Perhaps this trip was a mistake. Or stopping at some shady stranger's ranch where he'd introduce you to the people in cells within his ''lab'' was the worst idea of all.

"Finally. What took you so long, old man? I'm starving. And who are you talking to? You didn't tell me you were having guests." As she eyed the person talking, Tancred, he was truly something else, something from stories she'd read. His movements were quick, smooth with short pauses in between like the stray cats back in Hartford. Whatever he was he was unlike anything she'd ever seen. She continuing to analyze both Tancred and the man she furrowed her brow as she caught part of their conversation as particularly interesting.

Forty two years? Plus the years before? How old was this man and who was she really dealing with?

He finally turned to her and introduced himself. "Oh, where are my manners! I haven't even introduced myself. I am Lorcan Milogost, a humble scientist and alchemist." Kadri could see the faintest flushing in his cheeks as if he was embarrassed. He even bowed! That was a first. Who bowed to some random person they just met? Did he not get out much to understand the common style of Verden manners, or was he just incredibly polite? And if he was some scientist is that why he had these people here, part of experiments? More questions to add to the list for a later time. But when again, if she was just here for a night or two, she didn't need to know him or them. Still, it felt wrong.

"Oh, good. I was beginning to think you didn't have a name," she chuckled lightly and pursed her lips into a smile. "Its nice to meet you, Lorcan." She gave him a small nod, then looking to Tancred eyeing the two with his icy blues and served him one too. "You as well. And that goes for all of you." She couldn't tell how the intriguing creatures took it and her eyes went to Lorcan again. Thunder boomed outside.

Finally her brain had had enough. "Would you like to discuss what you want me to do?" She crossed her arms. "Or what you need them for?" Kadri tilted her head, tone suddenly becoming soft and alluring as she took a small step closer to Lorcan-- a persuasive trick of her mother's -- without sounding too harsh.
It was a peculiar situation and she wanted at least one answer even if the question or the way she asked it were too risky. If that was the case, she could be in some serious trouble.

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