“Explaning” the details

---- Verden, just outside Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, evening, 9 DSTR ----

Lorcan only now noticed Kadri’s uneasiness, as he had been too occupied with introducing his “friends”. It was clear to see that she was not used to see slaves of any sort, though it was a relatively common thing to own slaves here in Dalen. Before he had any chance to smooth things out and try to explain it all, so she did not get the wrong impression of him she asked: "Would you like to discuss what you want me to do? Or what you need them for?".

“O.. Of course” he said with an disarming smile, though he could see this would probably be a difficult one to explain. He truly could use her help and sensing how sceptic she already was, he had to come up with a really good answer and fast. Sure, he whished he could just avoid her question about what he used his slaves for, but the way she asked him made it impossible to ignore.

“Well…” he started slightly hesitantly “I was hoping you could take care of my place here, starting from tomorrow morning. It will just be some basic housekeeping chores and if you are comfortable with it I was hoping you could help me check out some snares at the edge of the forest. This would really be a great help because then I would get more time to make some potions for my costumers” he said with a smile. “Oh, and if you would just give Tancred his food now, as I think he has waited long enough, then that would be great.” He said and nodded towards the plate with stakes she was still holding on to.

“As to what I need these guys for, then they are helping me with my experiments and hopefully enable me to find a cure to their conditions.”. “Oh, so that’s what you call it now, huh?” Tancred added as he looked at Lorcan with some scepticism. “Oh come on. Please be nice. You know it’s true. It just takes some time, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out some day.” he did not say it in an angry way at all but more pleading, though he wished Tancred would not have commented on this. And he was not lying. He truly was working on a cure for all three of them, though they were also used in several other experiments with less noble intentions.

Tancred just rolled his eyes at Lorcan but did not comment any further on it. He knew exactly what Lorcan was doing and even though he was a good guy in general, then Tancred never truly trusted him. But now he had the perfect opportunity to change everything. If he could get a chance to talk to this new lady in private, or as private as it could be with him being in his cell and all, then maybe he could convince her to let him out. At least it was worth trying.

Lorcan could not avoid noticing the way Tancred looked at Kadri, which made him feel slightly uneasy though he did not let it show. “It’s getting late and we’ll have a lot to do tomorrow so I think it’s time to get some rest” he said with a smile and placed a hand on her shoulder “Let me show you to your room and then we can talk about the details tomorrow, allright?”. Having said this, he intended to guide her to a room located at the back of the “lab”. This was simply an ordinary bedroom. It had belonged to his previous assistant whose few belongings were still in.

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P.s. The part with Lorcan asking her to check some snares at the edge of the forest (in order to gather food for Tancred), I was thinking this would be a good way to introduce Kadri to Gareth and therby enable her to move on with her quest ;) and of course she can always return to Lorcan if she wants to no matter what ;) )

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