Into the Dark

--- Verden, just outside Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, evening, 9 DSTR ---

A swirl of warmth wrapped around Kadri as she curled into the wool blankets. Lorcan had been kind enough to supply two in case the damp cold from outside seeped in. How considerate. Still, too nice for comfort. It was weird that a stranger was so outright kind to another stranger passing by. The shelter was not the issue, but everything after, was.
An hour or two had passed and the thunder still boomed outside, but she could not sleep a wink. Paranoia? Fear? A mixture of both? Maybe it was just that nobody was this kind in Verden.

As she found herself swimming in thought, a few silent steps out of the door and she was heading toward the cells. They were an odd bunch, the ones in holding, and her curiosity needed answers.
She held a lit candle up to her face as she walked closer and closer to the cell of the one he called Tancred. Surely he could talk, spare her some knowledge. Her blue hair had been put into a thick braid and her blouse buttoned lazily, peaking down her chest in a delicate dip. Her pants were uncomfortable to sleep in, and sleeping without soggy socks was not much warmer, but she would take what was offered. 

There was no chance of sleeping bare this night.

"Excuse me?" Kadri spoke barely anymore than a whisper into the darkness. Snooping around a strange man's house was a recipe for disaster but only if she wasn't careful. She was very careful even if she didn't fully know why she was snooping in the first place. Curiosity for what? She pursed her lips at the sound of movement.

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