A nice surprise

--- Verden, just outside Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, evening, 9 DSTR ---

Despite the storm raging outside Tancred was sound asleep. Then unexpectedly a faint voice in the dark called out "Excuse me?". Even though at was nothing more than a whisper it was enough to catch Tancreds attention.

Still sleepy he opened his eyes and sat up in the bed to see who his nightly visiter was. When he recognized her a smile spread across his face. "Well well well, what a nice surprise." He said in a low voice. Then he got out of his bed and walked closer up to the bars, not even putting a shirt on. It did not bother him that he was only wearing his cotton pants, leaving his toned and slender upper body exposed.

He let his eyes run over her body before looking into her eyes with a smirk on his lips "So. Having trouble sleeping or did you simply just miss me?".

(OOC: Yeah! XD )

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