A Question for a Question

--- Verden, just outside Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, evening, 9 DSTR ---

Kadri swallowed hard at the sight of him, the bareness. She hadn't prepared a single bit for whatever she was doing. Or going to do. An odd feeling came over her, warm and sudden. Maybe it was the spellbook's doing, being under her pillow this night? It didn't seem likely. Not at all. Hapened with Lorcan too. Was she that out of touch to not recognize the fluttering of her own heartbeat?

"A little bit of both if I will be so blunt." She offered a charming smirk to hide the gentle blushing in her cheeks. The faint glow of the candle illuminated him as she set it in the space between herself and the bars. Like that would help her focus any more. She remained as quiet as she could so not to disturb the others.

"You're peculiar and I like peculiar things." The woman pulled the chair from Lorcan's desk and turned it backward, straddling to seat herself. One of her nails anxiously dug into the wood.

"I don't think we met properly. I know you're the one they call Tancred," her eyes fell to the floor as she rested her chin on the backing. "And I'm Kadri. But those are just names. Tell me, what are your specialties?" Green eyes flicked up, cat-like, captivating. She found her finger trailing now. "What makes you so... enchanting?" She emphasized the last word and made steady eye contact.

Truth be told, she had never seen such people as the ones the stranger had down here, but she also never wandered far enough. However, if he was the only one willing to talk, Kadri was all ears with curiosity.

Who was Lorcan? Who was Tancred? The others being held?

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