Curiosity Killed the Cat

--- Verden, just outside Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, night, 9 DSTR ---

"Now, do you have any more questions? Just ask and I'll do my very best to answer them," he said with a friendly and confident smile.

Kadri sat a moment in silence. What was the benefit of creating weapons to fight a war and dispose of them when they fulfilled their purpose? A peculiar creature he was indeed. More man than monster, she'd concluded. "You are still quite intriguing to one like me, full of... curiosities." She gave a flirtatious smile.

Now that he was out of the way, Lorcan became the subject in question.

"Lorcan... you two seem to have quite the history. How long have you been here? Does it ever get, I don't know, lonely? Tiresome? Being in that cell all the time? You like to talk and I can't imagine you in isolation waiting on a cure."

A good half of her felt sympathy for him. He didn't ask for this treacherous hand to be dealt but he lived on with it, even if it wasn't quite his choice. But she knew pity and sadness likely weren't what he wanted in return.

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