Taking a chance

--- Verden, just outside Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, evening, 9 DSTR ---

Tancred smirked. Her flirtatious attitude sparked a feeling of excitement in him, something he hadn't felt for years. It made him want her. To be able to feel her soft skin. To slide his hands through her long mysteriously blue hair. To kiss her sweet lips. To...

Then she changed the subject to his life in this miserable cell and he was brought back to reality. He let out a deep sigh "I've been here for 42 years... Of course it's boring as he'll...". 

He leaned forward, closer to the light and her, supporting his elbows on his knees "Don't get me wrong. This place could be far worse and I guess Lorcan is an all right guy, but it's still a prison.". He had now turned serious "And I have no intention of spending all my life as a test subject. I don't care about a cure either. I'm perfectly fine the way I am.".

He then leaned back a little once again, pausing slightly before carrying on "Oh, and just so you know. Lorcan isn't just looking for a cure. I fact; he spends most of his time working on ways to use our abilities for various products that he can make some extra money on.". 

Now he was sure he had her full attention and probably also her sympathy so he decided to take a chance. He looked at her with a crooked smile "But you can put an end to all of this. Just over there, in the top drawer of the desk, lies the keys to these cells. You can set us free and we'll all be gone before Lorcan even notice a thing.". Still acting calm and casual Tancred now excitedly waited for her decision. She might be his only hope for escaping, at least for a long time.

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