Key to Freedom

--- Verden, just outside Skeldergate, Lorcan's Farm, night, 9 DSTR ---

Now he was sure he had her full attention and probably also her sympathy so he decided to take a chance. He looked at her with a crooked smile "But you can put an end to all of this. Just over there, in the top drawer of the desk, lies the keys to these cells. You can set us free and we'll all be gone before Lorcan even notice a thing.". Still acting calm and casual Tancred now excitedly waited for her decision. She might be his only hope for escaping, at least for a long time.

Kadri's eyes slowly fell on the desk he spoke of. If she were to let him out, what would happen after? She would have to leave immediately otherwise deal with the wrath of Lorcan... neither she wanted. Or maybe he wasn't as clean-cut and innocent as he seemed and was simply toying with her emotions. That smile... unreadable.

"And if you were to be free, what then? What would the name of Tancred become in the world out there?" Her voice grew deeper as if questioning herself. Who would she become when her quest was over and she returned back home? Her father would be seething with rage, running away like that. It was out of her character, but made sense at the same time. It was like her mother's influence was everywhere tonight. Maybe the book held more power than she thought.

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