A "student" astray

---- Dalen Archives, midday, 2 years later, day 1 ----

As Gareth was occupied by searching for the book for Thia he didn't notice that someone entered the room. It was only when the torches above where lit that he found out. In pure surprise he quickly stepped back and accidentally bumped into a desk behind him and knocked over a small candlestick on top of it. He froze to the spot for a moment. Whoever it was they must now surely have heard the candlestick falling to the ground, letting them know where he was. He almost panicked and quickly looked around. This was a disaster. There were nowhere to hide and since he didn't have the book yet he couldn't just leave. He had to stay and somehow deal with whoever was approaching him.

Struggeling to compose himself he decided to stand his ground, desperately hoping that he could pass for a student who had 'accidentally' made his was to the restricted section.

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