---- Dalen Archives, midday, 2 years later, day 1 ----

Gareth took a small step back when the elderly man stepped forward. It wasn't that he looked particularly frightening, but because of previous experiences he had become quite wary of mages, no matter their age.

He could only see two options now. One; He could pretend to be a student though his lack of a written approval to enter this section would make it difficult to pull off. Two; He could try to intimidate the man, hoping that this would make him back off, giving himself a little more time to find the book he needed before the man brought some backup.

He chose to do the latter despite this was a risky move. "I just need one book and then I'll be on my way. Please don't try to stop me" he responded as confidently as he could, almost growling slightly to make sure the man got his point. This was no time to be showing any kind of weakness, though he wasn't quite sure what to do if this tactic didn't workout.

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