No escape

The moment Gareth felt something invisible wrapping around him he desperately tried to escape. But it was too late. Despite his struggles he couldn't get away and was only drawn closer to the elderly man despite his best efforts.

Realising he was trapped he had to change tactic fast. "My name is Gareth and I'm not a thief" he said as defiantly as possible in his situation, looking the man straight into his calm wise eyes, trying his best to hide the terror he was feeling within. He tried once more to get away from the invisible grip, but to no avail. It became harder and harder to hide his fear of this man, though he kept on trying. His gaze became a bit more beggingly now "Please, just let me go. I know I'm not allowed to be here, but I really really need this book.". There was no way he could tell this man why he needed this book so badly and there were no way he was going to tell him what he were. Whether you were a vampire or a ghoul you were ordered to be executed on sight and since Gareth were both he knew he wouldn't stand a chance if he revealed himself.

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