The mans gaze did not make Gareth feel any less uncomfortable. He hesitated quite a while and looked away. As far as he could see he had no other option than to tell the man what book he needed. "It is a book called "Regenerative potions" by Galladoorn the great..."

Enanth knew of both the author and of the book in question. Without looking, he knew the book was actually behind Gareth. Had this "thief" had a moment longer, he probably would have found it. Though this was no magical thief, being fortunate that Enanth found him before he pulled the book out from its shelf. Galladoorn was as much paranoid as he was a trickster in his time, enjoying his enchantment craft with little traps that either caused damage or something worse than injury.

Gareth finally looked up at the mage once more, feeling so pitifully as he did so "Please... If I don't get this book for her then I'll have nowhere to stay tonight and will be forced to... get my dinner some other way..."

At last, a new piece of the game was realized. This person must have this Gareth well under her wraps. And this man seemed to have been subjugated to terrible ordeals by this person as well, possibly magically. It was there if one knew what to look for. It was no wonder that Gareth looked as he did, surprise coloring his eyes as he pleaded. Enanth could still sense he was hiding something, but what he said had truth.

He cancelled out his spell, Gareth dropping to the floor. Enanth reached down and guided him up, gently. With a tug of Gareth's robes, he straightened his disheveled clothing before stepping past him.

"You search for this... Book, Master Gareth? This person, does she know of what surrounds this book?" It was a legitimate question, not many mages were aware of the subtlety hidden traps in the pages. "Galladoorn... Great he was, for his time. He is the reason for our modern method of alchemy and brewing."

He reached out and pulled it from the shelf, aged leather and vellum heavy in his hands.

"He is also the reason why we mages search carefully for knowledge." He turned back to Gareth. "Galladoorn grew increasingly paranoid by his later works, demons of his own making and some that were genuine. It is most fortunate that you did not open this book," he continued, gesturing with the book. "You would have inevitably triggered a hidden dweomer. You and this... Mistress... would have befallen a most devious trick."

He paused, long enough that Gareth asked if he was free. He shook his head, finishing. "You have violated this inner sanctum, Master Gareth. You will pay penance to the Circle for your act."

Enanth spoke with a gentleness that could have calmed a dragon. And Gareth would pay the price for his attempt. He would not add to this unfortunate person's suffering. He knew what he would do instead. "You say you need to eat?" Gareth gave his reply. "Follow me. Do not run, for I will be forced to exact a rather painful experience upon you. Please, this way," he actually requested.

He started forward to the exit.

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