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---- Dalen Archives, evening, 2 years later, day 1 ----

Gareth had finished his ham and was relaxing in the chair when he arrived. "How have you managed?" He asked. When presented the papers, he looked over them with a quick, professional eye. Apart from some obvious misspelling, the man's calligraphy was good. He handed the papers back to him. "Very good. Keep these, to remind you of his lessons. Mayhaps they guide you in the future."

Gareth quickly got up from the chair when Enanth entered the room. When asked, he dutifully handed the old man the parchements and then quietly waited, anxious to hear what he thought of the work.

He was really relieved to hear that Enanth accepted his transcription, but then the conversation took a more serious turn.

He presented the book of Regenerative Potions. "Understand one thing very clearly, Master Gareth. You have been spared the more unpleasant experience of magic by my own intervention. Rarely do I forget, as the Circle. Should you try to steal again, I will not save you. I believe you to be good of heart and the knowledge in this tome is obviously of not your want. You may take it, Master Gareth. Understand that your actions alone have set many consequences into action. I pray that they do not affect you but I highly doubt the politics of my compatriots.

"The dweomers have been suppressed only for the night. Take this to your mistress. Consider this a gift, Master Gareth. But make quick your steps if you wish to brew a potion. I expect this back in the morning," he finished.

At first Gareth didn't know how to react. After this whole ordeal he certainly had not expected to be handed the book he had just tried to steal. Sure, he would have to return it tomorrow morning, but still. 

"Thank you so much. For everything. And please just call me Gareth" Gareth said with a wage yet truly thankful smile "I promise to return it before dawn.". Then he took the book and headed towards the door.

But just as he grabbed the door handle he stopped. Of course Thia would be so happy when he gave her this book, but how was he ever going to persuade her to let him return it by tomorrow morning? But on the other hand; what would happen if her returned without the book?

For a while he simply stood and stared at the book in his hands, trying to figure out what to do. He then sighed sadly as he turned around to face Enanth once more "I'm sorry for all the the trouble I have caused but.. I can't accept this book. You have been much kinder to me than I deserve...". He looked down at the book again. Then he took off the, frankly rather annoying, glasses and handed the book to the old man "If I give this book to Miss Thi... Umm... to her then there is no way I will be able to get her to return it to you... It's better you keep it safe in here...". Of course Gareth was scared about how Thia would react if he returned without the book, but to be honest he was more scared of Enanth and the consequences for himself if he failed to bring back the book.

(P.s. Feel free to let Enanth figure out what Gareth is, if you want to of course ;) )

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