For a while he simply stood and stared at the book in his hands, trying to figure out what to do. He then sighed sadly as he turned around to face Enanth once more "I'm sorry for all the the trouble I have caused but.. I can't accept this book. You have been much kinder to me than I deserve...". He looked down at the book again. Then he took off the, frankly rather annoying, glasses and handed the book to the old man "If I give this book to Miss Thi... Umm... to her then there is no way I will be able to get her to return it to you... It's better you keep it safe in here...". Of course Gareth was scared about how Thia would react if he returned without the book, but to be honest he was more scared of Enanth and the consequences for himself if he failed to bring back the book.

He nodded his head towards the young man, smiling for once. The potential for something greater for this man than the destitute he already had shone through just a little bit more. His beam made his eyes twinkle.

"Very well, Gareth," Enanth said to him. "You may go. And should you seek my counsel, you may come here. I shall always welcome you."

Though he knew this lad was still under this woman, Enanth couldn't help but wish to end some of his misfortune. The near slip of the tongue was evidence enough, yet not a full name. It did stir a faint memory, but he could not place it yet. Still, the protection over the Archives was rivaled by the city's bastille.

"Fare thee well," he finished with a gentle wave of his hand, door closing behind a very promising individual.

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