Decisions decisions...

---- Dalen Archives and Thias house, evening/night, 2 years later, day 1 ----

Gareth bowed shortly as sign of appreciation before leaving. Now he had to hurry back home to Thia who was probably wondering why be had not returned yet.

Thias home was not that far from the Archives, located on one of the smaller streets in the heart of the city. When arriving Gareth hesitated slightly before knocking on the door and then entered. 

Thia had been sitting by the fireplace, waiting for Gareth but was starting to fear something had gone wrong. When hearing the on of on the door she quickly got up and turned towards the door. Relieved to see who it was she smiled slightly "Finally you're back. I've been so worried.". Indeed she had been, though primarily because it wasn't going to be easy for her to find another one with Gareths abilities. "So... Did you get the book?" She asked with great anticipation. "No..." Gareth looked down, almost regretting that he hadn't just accepted the book when Enanth had offered to lend it "I couldn't get into the restricted section. There were simply too many who would have seen me. I'll try again tomorrow. I promise.". He looked up at her once more and could see the disappointment in her eyes. 

Thia really were disappointed, but of course there were going to be a new day tomorrow. Besides she had already waited so long to get her hands on that book so having to wait a little longer wasn't the end of the world. "Fine..." then she yawned and turned to go to her room "Well it's getting late so I think I'll go to bed. If you're hungry then you'll have to get some yourself tonight, okay? Just remember to lock the door after you.". "Of course, Miss. Goodnight." Gareth quickly replied before Thia closed the door behind her.

Luckily he didn't have to go hunting now since he was still very full after the meal provided by Enanth so he too went to bed. He didn't really sleep much, but spend most of the night thinking of how he was going to handle this problem with the book tomorrow. Honestly he even considered the option of simply leaving Thia, though he didn't want to hurt her like that. This wasn't going to be an easy decision, but he had to come up with something preferably before tomorrow night.

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