To the library

---- Dalen capital, city center, 2 years later, day 2, midday ----

Lorcan drove up to the Archives and parked his wagon. For a moment he simply looked at the building with a smile, happy to finally be back after all these years. He couldn't actually remember when he last had been here. It was rare for him to be able to travel this far as it wasn't easy to find qualified assistants who could take free of the farm while he were away.

He reassured his ox by patting it on its large shoulder before walking up the stairs and entered the Archives. As he stepped inside he was hit by the dry smell of old parchements and dust. To him this was the best scent in the whole world and it was almost a thrilling feeling to think of all the knowledge that were collected under this single roof.

But he had to stay focused. After all, he was here to get a few of the more uncommon books, to say the least. So, in order to get these and not a thousand other books he didn't actually need at the moment he decided to ask one of the people working here.

He went to the big mahogany front desk, rang the bell and then waited for someone to show up.

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