Arrival Of The Uncommon

((Dalen Archives, Capital City))

The ringing bell caught his ears as he slid Magical Applications: Abridged into place. Enanth was thinking of what happened last night and was mulling over the words of the Circle. The queen was still nowhere to be found and the situation was beginning to deteriorate rapidly in the border towns and villages. Mages, some trained by the Circle who had left and those who were not, were seemingly starting to do more than boast and swagger about. It was distressing to say the least, with Verden threatening any rogue mages with death by their Inquisition. He certainly hoped calmer minds would prevail, a thought that only time would tell if it was true or not.

He pushed hard on the shelf, the ladder rolling to the end as he looked at the one who rang.

"Ah, Master Lorcan! Come for more books today?" Enanth said with a gentle smile as he climbed down the ladder. His younger counterparts seemed to enjoy sliding down these though he did not enjoy the exhilaration they seemed to get.

He walked up to the large, polished mahogany counter, Lorcan drawing breath.

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