Smooth talking

Lorcan smiled as he recognised the old man "Master Enanth. What a pleasant surprise to see you". "Yes, and I have a list of which I'll be needing" as he said so he placed a scroll on the desk. The list contained about ten different titles about creatures and alchemy, but one of them stood out. It was the book "Kailans alchemy; Transmutation of the living tissue". It was a book Lorcan knew belonged to the restricted section and even though he had a document signed by the Queen, granting him access to books like these, it would be difficult or maybe even impossible for him to be allowed to bring it back home. This called for a little bit of a distraction and perhaps a small amount of charm so Enanth hopefully wouldn't comment on this unusual request.

Having noticed how surprisingly agile the elderly man moved on the ladder were going to be the perfect topic. "I must say it's quite impressive to see a man of your age move with such ease on those tall ladders. What is your secret?" he smiled and looked at Enanth with curious eyes. This was actually something that interested him greatly as he had done a lot of research about different ways and remedies that could help keep the body young. He had even developed quite an effective potion he used himself, though he kept the recipe a secret as the way it was made was considered highly unethical by most people.

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