What Do You Seek?

((Dalen Archives))

"I must say it's quite impressive to see a man of your age move with such ease on those tall ladders. What is your secret?" he smiled and looked at Enanth with curious eyes.

"Ah, time and plenty of healthy foods," Enanth said as he scanned the list. He could see that Lorcan didn't believe him, with no surprise. "A wizard never fully reveals his tricks, Master Lorcan."

It was a pointed response, knowing Lorcan as he did. Not many in Dalen had the longevity, living much longer than any half-elf should. He gestured for Lorcan to follow him, stepping by the counter and into the library.

Many of the books were uncommon. It took a great deal of walking, climbing, and searching. Amaril and the Fates, Pulped Herbs: How To Make Medicine, Torak and The Piper's Potion, most of it was easy to find for the mage. And as he knew, most were stories or guides for brewing alchemical potions.

"Many stories lay in these pages, Master Lorcan. Knowledge in the tales of heroes and villains," Enanth spoke, climbing down a ladder with another book. "But what do you hope to find in Kailan's alchemy: Transmutation of the Living Tissue?"

It was a book that caused no amount of trouble for those who could not understand the laws of alchemy, even amongst the mages of the Circle. Though one did succeed. And it came at terrible price. Enanth did not dwell on whether or not Lorcan knew of the Crimson One but instead if he knew exactly what he wanted.

And as he thought, what exactly did he want?

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