Trying to make a deal

"Ah, time and plenty of healthy foods," Enanth said as he scanned the list. He could see that Lorcan didn't believe him, with no surprise. "A wizard never fully reveals his tricks, Master Lorcan."

Lorcan could only smile at Enanths response "Fair enough.". It didn't surprise him at all that Enanth didn't want let him in on this secret, though he really wanted to know.

Lorcan followed Enanth around as he found book after book on the list.

"Many stories lay in these pages, Master Lorcan. Knowledge in the tales of heroes and villains," Enanth spoke, climbing down a ladder with another book. "But what do you hope to find in Kailan's alchemy: Transmutation of the Living Tissue?"

A cheeky smirk took form on Lorcans lips "Well, much like wizards, an alchemist never fully reveals his tricks, Master Enanth". He received the book Enanth had just found and added it to the pile he was carrying around. "But don't worry, I would never dream of using it for sinister purposes" he said and padded the elderly man on his back.

Just as they were about to move on Lorcan paused and turned to look at Enanth "Oh, but I would prefer if you could keep this a secret. And of course your secrecy will be generously rewarded". With his one free hand he reached for his pocket and pulled up a sealed vial containing a somewhat thick crimson liquid. "Here, take this. I am sure you'll find this.. most invigorating" he smiled as he handed the vial to Enanth "And please let me know if you ever want more of it then I'll gladly send you some, for free naturally". Bribing a renowned member of the Circle in this way would be extremely unwise, but because of Lorcans history of working for the Queen he never doubted that he could get away with this.

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