Complex Puzzle

(Mid-day Leaky Tankard)

Due mostly to the time of day the place was nearly empty, say for the few usual regulars. A woman sat alone in a booth far from the talking people at the bar with several unrolled sheets of parchment before her, and a mug of some slightly steamy drink off to the side away from the pages. She let her glasses dangle by their chain a moment to rub her eyes and the bridge of her nose. Mumbling swears in what sounded like a foreign language. Pip groaned before taking the mug in hand and blowing a bit before taking a sip.

Fixing the glasses back against the bridge of her nose she looked back down and the drawing of some form of clothes. In passing you'd not be able to tell what it was for if you even managed to notice it was clothes. Fact was even Pip didn't know the 'use' of this outfit. She'd had the style and what the person wanted explained to her and she'd drawn it up, and gotten the okay. Trouble was it was far flung even for her. And she was known for her styles being way to ahead of their time.

(tag. Sorry its short trying to get back into the swing of things.)

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