(5 days ago, Early morning, somewhere in the country side)

A rather rickety looking carriage trotted along a muddy path. The outward nature of the carriage belied the truth. Rather the inside was padded with finely crafted plush seats, silk curtains to block out the view in that from the outside looked like common cloth, and despite the cold air outside the inside was rather warm due to some clever enchantments. The only passenger currently was a tall man with rather tanned skin and pure snow white hair. The man called Archer rode silently reading a book about a historical war one of his kind had served in. He'd already read this book many times before but something about it. Trying to figure out what he'd done in one passage puzzled him trying to figure out just how he'd managed to do it.

The carriage was meant to blend and hid his presence he was after all easy to pick out. Not many of his ilk here, he stood out but rather like it. It helped people know who he was and put a fact to what he was capable of. Since a lot of others figured what he could was rumors and nothing more considered the 'oddness' of it and that it didn't match anything about magic people knew. The carriage did it's job so far but getting the cargo would still be a bit of an issue, especially if people got involved to early.

(5 days later, Lorcans Farm)

The carriage finally rolled to a stop. "Oi, Sir. We have arrived at Lorcans Farm." the driver said. "Good. Thank you." Archer replied placing the book on seat and standing up. Exiting the carriage he straightened up standing at proper attention as professional as always. Walking to the manor at the farm to get Thalia. Who has been hidden for nearly two years.

Once he had found her, he knelt in a the customary knights bow. One arm rested against his knee the other tucked behind is back, bracing himself to the ground with his other leg head down. "Your Magistracy, you look quite well." he said, his voice some how both smooth and dark but some what gravely. The voice of a man who commands respect and gets what he knows he deserves.

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