A visitor

(OOC: Just a minor detail; Lorcans farm isn't that big, though this doesn't prevent him from having completly stuffed it with all kinds of books, ingredients and of course his 3 slaves, but they live in a different part of the building than the one Thalia has been staying at)

Thalia was sitting in the rather small room that Lorcan had prepared for her (though this was one of the largest rooms on the entire farm). It had now been almost two years since she had left the castle and she almost couldn't stand it anymore. Compared to her regular way of life, there was nothing to do for her this far away from everything. Of course, she could always go hunting in the Skeldergate forest, but despite this being one of her favorite hobbies then even this became boring after awhile.

At the moment she was just trying to kill time by reading one of Lorcans books in front of the open fireplace. 

Then all of a sudden a familiar face entered the room. She was both thrilled to finally see Archer again, though at the same time she hadn't quite forgiven him for being a part of those few that decided it would be better for her and the Kingdom if they faked her death and hid her away. She calmly closed the book and put it aside on the small table next to her. Despite being pleased to see him she looked at him with a stern gaze "So, you finally returned? I was starting to think that I had been completly forgotten". She didn't hide the annoyance in her voice at all "Now please tell me you bring good news. I simply can't stand staying here for much longer".

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