Private Pony

((Viebeck, 2 YSTR))

It was as he was nearing the tavern that a youthful Man exploded outwards in a hurry. Tolkyn slid from his saddle as he grabbed the reins to hitch his steed. The Man spotted the Weapons Master.

Quickly he ran up to the dwarf, waving his arms to be sure he got his attention. "Hey! You there! Master dwarf! I need to buy your.. horse" he placed himself in front of the pony, blocking its way forward. The pony was definitely too small for a man of his size, but taking its condition into account he just might be able to afford it, though he only had a few coins left.

Tolkyn turned to the young adventurer. No crest covered his armor, marking him possibly as a mercenary. He did seem quite frantic, one look towards Shield telling him the pony was near the point of exhaustion. He shook his head. "I am sorry, master. My steed is not for sale."

Artem quickly glanced back towards the inn, making sure no one was after him, at least not yet. "Look. This is a matter of great urgency" he looked at the dwarf once more, his face still quite pale as he was still recovering from the choke he had just received.

Tolkyn winced as he crossed his arms. His ribs were still bruised from his recent combat. He again stared at the man, debating if he should tell him that the horse was trained. None could ride him without the phrase needed, else the pony would quickly buck the attempting rider off. He decided against it, if the man would not take "no" for an answer.

"If you insist," he said. Shield turned his head from the water trough, water dripping from his mouth as he stared at his master. This is not nice, the look seemed to say. Tolkyn wondered if other Weapons Masters' steeds showed the same level of intelligence his seemed to have.

He watched as Artem climbed onto the pony. Already a grin was spreading across his face. When Shield did buck him off, he was sure to burst into mirthful laughter.

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