Bring it

He spun the purse the lad gave him as he called out to him. "Boy!" came the near thunderous shout only a dwarf could muster. "You forgot your money!" With that, he let loose on the final spin. It sailed through the air to strike the brash youth. Needless to say, it struck hard with some weight.

Artem had only just turned halfway around when the purse impacted with his cheek, leaving a bright red mark before falling to the ground. Now, if he had had some more experience with dwarfs then he would probably have known that it was unwise to pick a fight with even just a single one of them, but this was not the case.

"Perhaps you can buy yourself some better ears so that you can hear when someone tells you 'not for sale!'" said the dwarf to the Man, taking a step forward with a look of displeasure. "Not to mention that was rather rude! You will apologize to my steed!"

Suppressing his anger he calmly bent down, picked up his purse and then walked back to the dwarf while putting his purse back in his pocket. He stopped right infront of him and down upon him "You know. For someone your size you sure have a big mouth". Though acting calm Artem had his hand on the hilt of his old sword, clearly signaling the dwarf that he wasn't afraid turn this argument into a physical fight if needed. 

"Now, I would recommend you to take those words back and leave, unless of course you would like to be humiliated in front of these people. The choice is yours" Artem said with a confident smirk. Of course he had heard rumors about the dwarfs fighting skills and spirit, but feeling so confident in his own skills he wasn't at all afraid of challenging him like this.

But in Artems case the best about this whole situation was that it completly took his mind off all his fear of possibly having a child and all the problems this could lead to for him.

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