Finally leaving

Archer rose from his bow standing upright. Standing quite a bit taller than the queen. "I wouldn't have come otherwise." he said. "Simply someone like me traveling out this far into nowhere would be sure to raise questions. The Council might begin to believe I was seeking to take the power of the land all for my own." He looked down to her "I do know how hard this was on you, but we agreed this was the best course of action." Archer remained her. "But enough talk about that now. Plenty of time for it on the trip back." Ignoring her slightly sour face.

She simply nodded in agreement to the last part, still not quite ready to forgive him yet.

Before leaving she left a small note for Lorcan together with one of her rings as a small sign of appreciation for his help, just so he knew that she had left.

Leading her outside to the carriage she'd first have noticed how it looked. Something like a commoner tried to changed a supply carriage into a passenger carriage. "Do not let it's appearance fool you." he said calmly "it's much worse on the inside." he called back to her, as he approached the door, opening to fine red, and gold silks, over stuffed seats, magical ever lasting light the flickered like candles and a small amount of books in case she grew bored of talking to Archer. Clicking his tongue in a Tsk Tsk manner Archer looked inside. "Dreadful. Just dreadful." he chided. She was the one person Archer dropped his guard with, and only alone. "Would you like a hand up your highness?"

At first Thalia was really disappointed to see the carriage that they were going to travel in, but that soon changed the moment Archer opened the door. " Well, I guess it will have to do" She couldn't help but smile a little at Archer "And no thanks, but I am perfectly capable of getting in without your help".

When having entered the carriage and taken a seat she waited until Archer also were inside and had closed the door before speaking, but was now serious once again "So how are things at the castle? I trust you have kept a close eye on some of my more greedy counselors and who ever else that probably would have wanted to take the throne during my absence?". She really needed an update on things now that she had been gone for so long and needed to know if there had been anyone foolish enough to try to seize control of the kingdom so they could get the proper punishment when she returned.

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