The lonely dog named Kota

A little stray goes around the Dalen kingom and looks for the open marketplace. This is his favourite place, because he likes to watch the humans doing their thing. He likes to see them walking, speaking, trading, expecialy he has a interest in childern. How funny they are. These are the only humans where he has no fear. (I can trust them. They are too young for being a hunter) he thought every time.

Because of his secret backstory he can't trust any hunter or generaly any humans who could be a hunter. He really loves the marketplace, but the problem is, that's pretty noisy out here. Or the conversations. If he just hears the words...
Random a young boy said: "Can I have an apple too, mom?"

Immediately Kota begins to sweat. (Mom... a mom...) he runs to an empty bank, curls under it and begins to cry. He tried to hold it back, but he is such a crybaby that it won't work.

Within the time his shiny, green-white fur become dirty and he weights only 12 kilograms (round about 26 pounds) because he can't find any food

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